NTT DATA executed the Business Impact Analysis for Avea a Turkish Telco operator belonging to Turk Telecom Group and prepared the Business Continuity Strategy identifying all the business continuity arrangements (disaster recovery for IT services disruption and for Network service disruption and for unavailability of the building and of the Technology critical resources). The implementation plans and the budget has been prepared using a flexible approach in order to manage the investment in waves of implementation and embedding the business continuity in the day to day operations. 

Business Problem

The TLC operator needs to address the business continuity issues to be in compliance of the regulations and internal corporate policy and furthermore to be prepared to manage major disruption: in Turkey there are high risk related to Earthquake which hit seriously the Country in the past. 

The TLC Operator and the Technology Function had little expertise about how to build continuity solutions and about overall investment needed to create Disaster Recovery arrangements for its critical services and the company experienced some incident in the past which affected the services to the Customer but which needed also a revision of the creation of a Disaster Recovery Center and re location of some Core Network services. 

Developed Solution

The project has been structured in three major stages according to the Avea requirements and executed in cooperation with the Technology Specialists assigned to the Business Continuity Function and involving all the Technology Directors and Managers. 

The main tasks executed were the following:

  • Assessment of the current IT and Network redundancy arrangements and the planned project to create disaster recovery arrangement, assessment of the main data centers and switch centers in the Istanbul area, and review of the organizational emergency procedure published 
  • Assessment of the business process and execution of the business impact analysis
    • Identification of the enterprise processes and key product and services
    • Mapping of the IT Applications and Network element to the processes 
    • Identification and ranking of the critical process
    • Evaluation of the economic impact 
    • Definition of the RTO, RPO and MTPD metrics 
  • Definition of the solution, high level design and preparation of the implementation planning
    • High Level Design of the solution for the critical services and to covering different crisis scenarios 
    • Identification of the investment neededo
    • Preparation of the implementation plan 

In the project specific knowledge transfer and training sessions were provided to the technology directors and extensive business continuity awareness training were provided in three sessions involving more the 120 technology specialists under a broader training program prepared by the HR Function. Furthermore advices how to prioritize some investments and the first implementation steps were provided to top management. 

Business Benefits

  • Complete end to end Business Continuity Strategy and prioritized implementation plan 
  • Knowledge transfer and awareness creation within the management and internal staff 
  • Evaluation of the Business Impact analysis