Call Center application for Avea based on Siebel 8.1

NTT DATA supported Avea in a challenging transformation of its Call Center application, substituting the old application with a new system, based on Oracle Siebel 8.1 Call Center vertical application, fully integrated with all Avea proprietary Back End legacy systems. 

Business Problem

In a main program of technological renewal of IT and Business quality upgrading and improvement, Avea targeted to achieve a complete Customer Centric Approach, moving from a “MSISDN” to “Customer” concept. During this transformation process, also Customer Care and Marketing efficiency/effectiveness improvement had been identified as business goal. A differentiated Caring Model to enable multiple value segments management had been considered as a beneficial advantages for a Customer Centric adoption. A complete redesigned Customer Care process brought also the benefit to renew all the information needed by Customer Care Agents, into a on-line or batch integration model. 

Main business goals was to: 

  • minimize Average Call Handling Time (ACHT) 
  • decrease Average Transaction Duration 
  • avoid erroneous Transaction 
  • use “clean”, approved and unique Customer Data
  • minimize the business impacts on IT systems already in place
  • increase Customer Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction. 

Developed Solution

NTT DATA was the selected technological partner after a long and challenging identifying process: many successful factors were took in account to choose the System Integrator by Avea. 

  • Adequate overall structure to tackle international business deals and projects
  • Turkish Local capabilities
  • Relevant complex project management experiences
  • Proven success tracks to manage in an E2E the project, from the Analysis phase to the post go-live support. 

NTT DATA started the project in June 2009, commencing the Discovery and Design stages, and the go-live took place in early November 2010. NTT DATA took also the responsibility of all the operative and integration tasks with Avea and external third parties governance. All the project tasks were provided and managed by NTT DATA, from the main project streams (Design, Implementation, Tests) to the ancillaries tasks such as Users training, gradual roll-out and roll-back strategies and Go-live/Baby Sitting activities. 

The integrated designed solution was built to integrate all the information from the Back End legacy systems in Avea to Siebel Front End. All the possible contact channels (Voice, IVR, e-mails, Fax, letters, SMS, etc.) used by Avea Customers were integrated to Siebel to track in the most appropriate way all Customers requests and to treat them using the designed process. Avea started also a Customer Data Cleansing process, with NTT DATA consultancy support. 

Marketing and Call Center applications, realized on the same Siebel platform, using the same Customer Data Set, provided a unique Customer Centric Vision. 

A complete new Reporting set was implemented in order to enhance the reporting quality and to provide the most integrated and effective way to keep track and control the Call Center extensive phenomena, from the number of managed inbound and outbound Customer Service Requests to the monitoring of SLAs and KPIs, based on Oracle Reporting capabilities.

 Business Benefits

  • First Call Resolution parameter was dramatically increased, 
  • Overall Call Durations were decreased, 
  • Customer Satisfaction was improved, providing unique, stated and proved information, 
  • Improved Customers interactions with all the interaction channels, 
  • Fully automated Customers retention process, 
  • Employee productivity enhancement and facilitated personnel training while decreasing training costs.