In 2007 Turkcell decided to launch the “CRM transformation project”. NTT DATA was involved since the very beginning, both for the Oracle Siebel CRM 8.0 implementation and in the meanwhile for the “Scoping project”, finalized to give to Turkcell the idea of the changes in the system architecture and a road map for the full implementation of the Oracle Siebel CRM application. 

Business Problem

Main business goals were to: 

  • Accelerate response times for password, resource, and privilege requests from call center customer agents and representatives to keep them focused on the customer service 
  • Manage identities of external entities, such as subcontractors, business partners and dealers 
  • Increase customers satisfaction reducing Call Handling Time and giving more appropriate and precise responses 
  • Increase employees productivity giving them a full information related to the customer (360 degrees customer view), customer owned products and the relation between customers and Turkcell (contacts, service requests, interactions) 
  • Give to all the actors involved – call center agents, dealers, sales representative – a unique tool, integrated with legacy systems and shared to all 
  • Give a unique database used to produce reporting
  •  Developed Solution

The solution implemented has covered call center (for all the channels), order management for consumer customers, order management for corporate customers and Sales Force Automation. Moreover, a mobile application for Sales representative has been developed. 

The solution was split into different phases in order to reduce the possible risks to have a “big bang” production time avoiding the roll out of different applications with different types of users. 

The road map lasted about 4 years and were divided into:

  • Call center for consumer customer 
  • Call center for corporate customers, campaign management and other channels implementation 
  • Order management for consumer customers (new subscription and port in) 
  • Order management for consumer customers (change order) 
  • Order management for corporate customers and sales force automation (with mobile application too) 

The solution was built to integrate all the information from the legacy systems into the Siebel application; all the contact channels (Voice, IVR, e-mails, Fax, letters, SMS, etc.) were integrated to Siebel in order to track all Customers requests and to treat them using the designed process. 

Business Benefits

  •  Call Durations were decreased
  •  Customer Satisfaction was improved
  •  Improved Customers interactions with all the interaction channels
  •  Employee productivity enhancement and facilitated personnel training while decreasing training costs. 

Key Services

  • Dedicated team from the discovery/design activities to development/tests activities for each project phase 
  • Dedicated consulting team during the scoping project 
  • Support during the roll out in production 
  • Handover to Turkcell resources in order to give them the chance to manage the application (Turkcell resources were involved during the project and afterwards they were trained about the processes implemented and the technical solutions taken)