NTT DATA supported Vodafone TR Technology Function in a project to review the business continuity arrangements and implementation status, prepare some Business Continuity Plans and to prepare an exercise about a Network incident with a simulation involving different departments. 

Business Problem

The TLC operator suffered a big incident in a major data center and network switch center which was recovered with the implementation of stronger continuity arrangements in order to protect the company assets in case of a new incidents. Most of the arrangements were under implementation but it was recognized as key issues to embed the continuity procedure in the normal routine tasks assigning focused responsibility to a specific service. 

The implementation of “Technology Business Continuity Management System” has been recognized as a key step in consolidating the management procedure in order to maintain over the time the continuity arrangements moving from a project ad hoc implementation to a business as usual management procedure.

The project has the aim to implement the management area that creates recovery / continuation capability for technology activities in the event of a business disruption and to improve the Operator ability to respond to major incidents effecting technology operations. 

Developed Solution

The project has been conducted starting reviewing and assessing the “As-Is” current status, performing: 

  • Assessment of the current business continuity process and key responsibility
  • Assessment of the IT and Network arrangement implemented or under implementation 
    • IT Disaster Recovery Site 
    • Core network redundancy arrangement assessment 
    • Radio Access redundancy arrangement assessment 
    • Transmission recovery capability 
  • Review of the planning and business impact analysis

The second stage has been focused in preparing a sample BCPs to train the key specialists and transferring knowledge and experiences and preparing a trail and piloting it with real exercise in short time frame and preparing a roll out plan. 

The BCPs have been developed with key technical specialists involved in a project organized with Blitz Kaizen approach to create practical solution in short time and an exercise have been planed and executed. The key lessons have been documented and included as improvement actions in the roll out plan. 

Business Benefits

  • External audit of the current procedures and gaps to international standards and good practices 
  • Definition of the key responsibility within technology Functions and knowledge transfer to key business continuity specialists 
  • Pratical piloting and exercising 
  • Identification of weak points and solution gaps 

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